C2014 E2 (JACQUES) Comet
2014-august - september

This comet - during my observation - was bright enough: about 7-8 mg. Very easy to find this comet, if you have ephemeris.

If you use the Cartes du Ciel planetarium program, you can download the actual comet list from:

First I have been found it in Cassiopeia east side above the W stars. After it has gone into the Cepheus.

My instrument: Skywather Pro 80/600 ED APO; Celestron CAM Goto; Softvare: STAF_Robot

2014-08-22 UT 21:02

2014-08-24 UT 20:03

2014-08-28 UT 21:16

2014-08-29 UT 22:43

Only I can hope that God will kind and the weather. Since last two weeks the weather was hopeless, it was cloudy totally.

Other photos: http://www.asztrofoto.hu/adatlap/Stella_209
You can find there a GIF animation, too.

Agócs László Hungary