Delphi component for remote control CANON EOS cameras

DOWNLOAD (Source code + Canon SDK + Example program)

TCanon Delphi 2005 Component Ver 1.0
  Source in: STAF_Canon.pas
Purpose: Controlling the Canon EOS photo cameras.
    You can remote control the EOS, by USB connection.
It is reads the most important parameters from camera, and write the new values of this parameters to the camera. Respons the changes of camera parameters.
    Of course: you may take a picture from your PC, and can download it the winchester or other store (pendrive,..).
    You can get the camera time, and set it with new value.
Look at the example program, and you will understand.
First - I know so (?) - you must install the Canon drivers from your CD.
I have been tested only under Delphi 2005! 
    My Camera : Canon EOS 400dD.
    But - you can read in the PDF documentation - there ara some compatible camera.
    (EOS 350/EOS 400D, EOS 1000D, etc.)
Licence: Absolutly free!!!
These DDLs ara part of the Canon SDK.
    You must copy these DDLs to the application or System32 directory.
    Outhor: Agócs László HUNGARY
    Email :